Monday, October 17, 2011

On Cows

Ever since the day I first heard of the sacred cows of India that roam the city streets, I always wondering where on earth the cows came from. Was some religious institution populating the streets with cows? Did they possibly belong to anyone? Are they strays from some far-off farm? Turns out the cows are owned by people who are too poor to own land, so they let their cows wander free to search for food. In the city cow forage means weeds and trash. The cows in the village have a much better time of things in that they have fallow fields full of natural food. But the city cows really are a spectacle to behold. They have no fear of cars, trucks, or people. Their favorite place to lounge is on the median in the middle of a busy street. They congregate around overflowing dumpsters and in piles of trash in the early evenings. And what's crazy is most of them seem be doing pretty well for themselves and are able to provide their families with milk.


tamera said... weird is that?

Mom said...

Your explanation gives a whole new meaning to the term "sacred cow"